8/12: Bowerbirds, Menopause, and Spider-Man

MESSENGER BIRDS: The Bowerbirds of woodsy North Carolina don't plug in. We mean their instruments -- the group is all acoustic from songwriting to performance, as Doug Davis reports in the Dallas Observer. But their sound stays disconnected from fleeting freak-folk trends, too. Hailey's with Megafaun and Matthew Gray, Delves Into The Humanity Pools, 9PM.

HOT FLASH: 'Tis the season for musicals to take your mom to. One particular show at the Eisemann Center might be best suggested as a glimpse into your mother's future: while a parody of The Change, "Menopause The Musical" is meant as a morale booster for those going through it. 7:30PM.

MARVEL CAKE: Watch your high-rise office window -- Spider-Man is apparently in town as Lone Star Comics is throwing a birthday bash for the 70-year-old Marvel Comics, complete with anniversary cake. Expect games, prizes, and sweet giveaways. 7PM.

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