7/31: De La Soul, Office Space, and Rock for Pets

LACE UP: With De La Soul on the Nike campaign roster, the mammoth sports merch company has another hit on the board. The group's collection "Are You In", released collaboratively with the Nike brand, is meant to score a run and includes brainy hip-hop compositions that all last more than 5 minutes. You can pull on your sneakers (Nikes not required) and find it here on iTunes or you can see what DLS can do for you with the new material off the track at House of Blues. Rhythm Roots All-Stars and Kenan Bell open, 9PM.

DRONE ON: Where would "The Office" be in our hearts without the trailblazing "Office Space?" Austinite Mike Judge's anthemic 1999 film preceded the British TV series in chronicling the angst of corporate lifers as they banded together and liberated themselves -- in little everyday ways, and bigger, more criminal ways  -- from an imbecile boss. It's been ten years since the stapler was immortalized in the cult favorite film. Revisit the timeless worker bee triumph of "Office Space" at the Inwood Theatre at a midnight screening tonight and tomorrow.

EMPATHETIC ROCK: It's hard not to hold your breath as you pass humane society stations at North Park Center or Central Market. The poor little pups in their cages look so cuddly, but you don't want to lead them on if you're not in the market for a goldfish, much less a high-maintenance mammal. You do genuinely want to help, though, and tonight, you can, just by heading to Rubber Gloves in Denton and dropping $6 to hear some of the area's best music. Cats and Dogs, a two-night show that benefits the Denton Humane Society, features Brent Best of The Drams and Slobberbone fame, New Science Projects, and others. 8PM.

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