7/13: Don't Be Such An Ogre

Whether you're looking for dancing, danger or delicacies, Tuesday's got 'em

LIVING THE DREAM: No matter who you take to see Beauty and the Beast at the Winspear, they will be impressed...and not because of your joke about how you're the beast and they're the beauty. I'll just tell you right now to go ahead and leave that one in your back pocket. What you will have a hard time holding in are the genuine "ooh's" and "aah's" that come with seeing this classic performed on stage with the kind of show-stopping costumes and backgrounds that remind you why the go to the theatre in the first place.

DANGER DANGER!: The Texas Theatre has been breaking up certain nights into certain genres/countries, so with tonight's showing of "Danger: DIABOLIK," one is left to think that Tuesdays are for general awesomeness. Danger: DIABOLIK is one of the greatest heist movies of all time and has influenced everything from ladies fashion to music video culture (check out the Beastie Boys' Body Movin' for basically a preview of the movie) to current cinema stars like Roman Coppola. With a score by Ennio Morricone, this is a guaranteed winner, and one that if you haven't seen before, it's time you finally do. $5 donation; doors at 7:30. 

LUNCH A GO-GO: You have to admit that it's been kinda awesome that it's not a face melting 105 degrees during the day (at the moment, at least). Not that it beckons you to sit outside for hours on end, but it does you mean you can walk to pick up a pretty great lunch if you're in the One Arts area. Lunch patrons can pick up lunch on the go with Dali's box lunch, dine in on Screen Door's seasonal lunch specials, or Tei-An's popular bento box that includes a smorgasbord of their specialties like the Soba of the day, white seaweed salad, shrimp and vegetable tempura, Japanese chicken and sushi.

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