6/5-6/6: Flights, Films and Giving In

Stop being a snob and go to a wine tasting, an indie rock show and the museum this weekend

CRUSH TIME: Let's get one thing straight right now. You're going to drink Merlot and you're going to like it...and not just because it's free. Today from 12PM to 6PM Sacred Cellars is hosting a free massive tasting of just about everything in the shop. Even if you only buy a $20 bottle you'll get to taste a $60 one...and that's pretty cool. You see Sacred is the little wine shop that could. By could we mean could import wines that you just simply just won't find anywhere else because of their limited production. Located just north enough of Uptown to lose all pretense, you’ll know your there when you see nothing that could possibly resemble a storefront. And then you do. A former loading dock plays host to an outside seating area that has been implemented with enough charm to make your date swoon before you even get to the door. So come down, grab two empty glasses and introduce yourself to the owners Paul and Rudy. Then let them pour your date a sip of something blasphemously good. Don’t worry, the tear that just formed on their cheek is only the regret of not meeting you sooner.

GIVE IN: Sometimes you get to see something really special right before it blows up . This is the case with Givers at Dan's Silverleaf tonight with doors at 9PM. What do Givers give? It is an often overlooked, yet all too important question concerning these starry-eyed melodi-mystic rebels. They take hearts, this much is known. They certainly take away any restraint one may have had concerning revealing dance moves. They take time, they take care, they take naps, they STEAL attention... but what do they GIVE?! The colors, tones, shapes, and threads, up-beat, weaving, psych-folk, meshing, afro-delic, beckoning your mind out into the open, much as a dream catcher above one's bed; More than one's mind could ever hope to descramble and classify within any 24 hour period. Their music is not only music; it is motivation, inspiration, and a celebration of the world around us.

SEEING STRAIGHT TO THE HEART: If you're looking for something to warm your heart like the sun has been warming your skin the past few days, then check out Through the Eyes of Our Children—Something Beautiful. The event held at the DMA tomorrow from 2PM to 6PM showcases the work of students from several elementary schools in the South Dallas/Fair Park area of the Dallas Independent School District. Inspired to embark on personal journeys of discovery, students use photography and mixed media to capture snapshots of humanity and convey their perceptions about self, community, and social responsibility.

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