6/2: Mixing it Up with Water and Oil

Celebrating diversity with three events that could not be more different from one another

WATER WORLD: You know what's awesome? Water. We're made of it, we drink it, we clean ourselves with it. It's pretty much awesome. But how much do we know about this mysterious water? Here’s your chance to look beneath the oceans, above the clouds
, and all around the world to discover the amazing things that water can do — from sustaining life here and now to shaping the peaks and canyons of tomorrow! Head to the Dallas Museum of Nature and Science and explore an over-sized interactive globe, immersive walk-through dioramas that mimic the effects of erosion—even live exhibits of animals that have adapted to deal with water challenges like drought and extreme temperatures. Along the way, you’ll discover how you can help conserve and protect one of Earth’s most precious resources.

TEARIN' IT UP WITH TINY: Recently Rubber Gloves has been having guest artists DJ while you get super lubricated in the bar on amazingly cheap drinks. Seriously, we challenge anyone to go in there and single-handily spend more than $25 to themselves -- you'll be John Bonham-ed by the time you leave. Before you hit the door (for your cab or designated D, of course) we bet you'll have your shirt off, twistin' it round your head like a helicopter to the mighty mixes of DJ Tiny One, aka Sarah Jaffe. We have no idea exactly what DJ Tiny One plans on dropping the needle on, but we're pulling for at least four hours of Lil' Wayne, Snoop, Dre, Three Six Mafia, Mike Jones and UGK among others, with a special chopped and screwed version of Suburban Nature right around 1:30AM to set you off on the right path home.

FEASTING WITH GODS: If the word rad could be made out of something physical, something real, then it would be made up of the The Indy 500 champion's luncheon. This is the stuff legends are made of, mostly because it's been a press only event until this year, which is basically like saying the general public now gets to go to a Masonic meeting. The Indy 500 champion, who will be making just his/her second public appearance after being crowned, will be joined by motorcycle daredevil Robbie Knievel and musical guest Charla Corn. Justin Frazell, 95. 9 The Ranch morning show host, will emcee. 

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