5/7: Rewritten

New old stories, re-visionary fashion, and faux fab -- history is rewritten this Friday.

FAUX FAB FOUR: No, they aren't John, Paul, George, and Ringo, but Hard Night's Day is a dead ringer for the Fab Four sound. Add their puesdo-Beatlemania to an already fun night at Lone Star Park, mix in select beers for just a buck, and you'll have a winning bet...as long as you don't put your money down on Dover. 7 to 10 p.m.

STEAM SEAMS: If you haven't caught on to the Steampunk fashion scene, the 9 p.m. "Freestyle Fashion Ball" at Panoptikon in Deep Ellum will show you the Victorian-styled, industrial-revolution inspired hybrids that mix metal, lace, and fantasy fashion. All proceeds from the show benefit Children's Charity.

BEFORE 'THE CITY': Candace Bushnell's latest, "The Carrie Diaries," highlights Carrie Bradshaw's life before "Sex and the City." We don't doubt that SATC fans are going to want to pick it up to read about the earlier adventures of the columnist and fashionista, but there is extra incentive to make it out to Neiman Marcus in NorthPark -- Bushnell will be there from 6 to 8 p.m. to sign copies for folks getting Carrie-d away.

P.S. Want a "City" inspired look? Check out our Want This post on "Specs in the City" here.

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