5/29-5/30 Dunn Did It Up Right This Weekend

From dancing, dinosaurs, dual hemi's and diamonds there's something for everyone this weekend

BROOKS AND DONE: At this point we know how a Jay-Z retirement tour ends: With you buying his next album. Is this the fate we face as fans of Brooks and Dunn? We suppose it remains to be seen. As much as we want to see our heros bow out gracefully, those days might be over. (the Who at the Superbowl anyone?) Country music seems to have it's boots firmly planted on the ground though. That's why they created things like the "Brooks and Dunn Posse" where for anywhere between $25 and $35 you can receive first pick access to concert tickets, which with ticket prices starting at $25 and going up to to $71 (before processing fees) makes for an incredible deal. Plus this is their last tour, right? Right!?!

NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM: Remember youth group sleepovers? Most of the time they were nothing more then drawn-out pizza parties where no one learned anything except that sleep is not as overrated as one might think...until that movie with Ben Stiller came out and we realized the truth: dinosaurs live among us at night, along with dragons, unicorns, mermaids and Cyclopes. Thankfully the Dallas Nature and Science Museum has an open door policy geared especially toward kids 6 - 12 with their "Snore and Explore!" series. Go behind the scenes with after-hours access to intriguing exhibits, exclusive demonstrations, and hands-on activities. Sharpen your skills for discovery with secretive scavenger hunts along darkened halls and create clever crafts that you can take home. Illuminate your senses with a nighttime Electric Theatre performance or Fire and Ice show before you drift off—and wake up with an eye-opening IMAX® film.

NICE CLUTCH: Now here is an auto show that knows what it's doing - The NorthPark AutoShow. Instead of throwing a bunch of cars into a huge convention center full of nachos and bikini models, these event organizers know how to make sure the men that want to come see these cars can can offer up something as a bargaining chip. That chip is a checkbook with easy access to Neiman Marcus. Now the ratio of hours looking at cars to bags of Chanel pilling up in the car you drove to this event in is up for negotiation, but one things for sure, this is a win win situation. It doesn't get better than this. So take advantage while you can. Racing celebrities Danica Patrick and Helio Castroneves will appear at this show featuring more than 35 vehicles — everything from Aston Martin and Lamborghini to Chevrolet and Subaru.

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