5 Good Reasons to get a Live Nation Club Passport

Plus 5 reasons to stay away

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When we first heard about Live Nation's Club Passport deal, we were enthused -- after all, $49.99 for unlimited shows (through the end of 2009) at the House of Blues sounds like a wicked great deal. But then we saw the line-ups and asked...are there at least 5 bands we'd pay $10 to see?

1. Bowling for Soup - 9/24/09
Yeah, we still dig these guys based on our prior great experiences at their live shows. The latest single, "My Wena," is childish and silly, but at least we're laughing with them instead of at them...

2. The Psychedlic Furs and Happy Mondays - 9/25/09
Both British bands would be worth $5 tickets, so combining them together is an easy sell. Dig through your '80s collection to find a Furs hit -- that should prove their worthiness alone.

3. Bleu Edmonson & Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights - 10/17/09
We're fans of the Northern Lights, so we'd pay $10 for them alone. Sidenote: One of the Granada's helpful sound techs told us that the loudest show he'd ever heard was Jonathan Tyler's. Bring earplugs.

4. Guerilla Union presents: Goodie Mob Reunion (Cee-Lo, Big Gipp, Khujo, and T-Mo). With very special guest Scarface - 10/20/09
Is there even a question about this show? Heck, we'd buy a $25 ticket for this one (don't tell Live Nation).

5. ????
Live Nation says they'll be announcing more shows every week, which means there is likely to be one or two more shows that could make our $10 cut. We'll give them the benefit of the doubt on this last spot, if only because we're so sure of the other shows.

That all being said, here's 5 reasons we'd stay away...

1. Who's Bad - 10/16/09
Billing themselves as the "Ultimate Michael Jackson Tribute Band," Who's Bad is just bad -- and with the original's passing, could the timing be any worse? "This Is It" comes out only about 2 weeks after the tribute band rolls through town, and we're much more likely to want our last reminders of MJ's great talent to be his final -- if rough -- performances.

2. Sean Kingston - 10/26/09
Blame commercial radio for our Kingston backlash, but we'd rather pay to get "Beautiful Girls" removed from our skulls than to hear it one more time, surely accompanied by 13-year-olds and their moms.

3. Misfits - 11/29/09
You can call them Misfits, but without Danzig, they really aren't the legendary band. No Danzig, no buy.

4. Hot Topic Presents Trivium with Chimaira and White Chapel - 12/06/09
You lost us at Hot Topic.

5. LMFAO’s Party Rock Tour with Very Special Guests - 12/18/09
We've actually heard these words from a close friend, "LMFAO wasn't even worth pirating."

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