3/3: New Ideas

FEARLESS FILMS: The Fearless Film Festival has been a great place to catch up and coming local short films for the past four years. Though we remember film festival season to be more in April, the Fearless team has put together a free screen of some of last year's winners, plus a Q&A with festival coordinators to help you know more about the main event. Cut your teeth on this screening at 6 p.m. at LaGrange in Dallas.

CONCEPT CARS: Yeah, everyone likes to sit in the driver's seat of a BMW, Lexus, or other high end car you'll never be able to afford, but the Dallas Auto Show, starting today, is about much more than that. We love auto shows because we can see all the makes and models under one roof, and really compare prices, fuel economy, and which one we look best driving...all without the pushy sales people. Hit the Dallas Convention Center today through March 7 to see the show.

INNOVATIVE IDEAS: There's a couple reasons why tonight's Ignite Dallas event is more than just a Powerpoint presentation at the Granada. First, there's the varied list of speakers who'll talk about concepts like finding the perfect pair of heels, slimming down on your "mind obesity," and why "thinking outside of the box" is wrong. Secondly, some of our buddies are sharing their stories at the event, like Pegasus News' Mike Orren talking about the need to take improv classes -- we totally agree, Mr. O. Get ready to have your mind ignited at the Granada Theatre tonight at 6 p.m.

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