3/29: Spring Cleaning

CLEAN UP NICE: St. Andrew Methodist Church in Plano offers a neat program for girls without the dough for a prom dress (hey, even Kelly Kapowski, belle of our youth, was not immune to hard times and overblown price tags) and provides inspiration for all of us to pass on gowns we don't wear. From 4-8PM at the church, girls can come and peruse dresses, shoes and jewelry for the big night.

GIVE BACK THE STACKS: Now's the time to cull those extra copies of Seuss classics and Good Night Moon as Half Price Books holds its annual Half Pint Library book drive, a collection spread out among non-profit and community organizations to help kids who may have never gotten their hands on the children's literature of which we have a surplus. Drop off at any location (The Northwest Highway HP stays open until 11PM).

CLOSETED HOARDERS: The Downtown Hand Me Down donation drive -- all "material" goods welcome -- begins today across from the Corgan on N. Houston Street. The beneficiary is tried-and-true Goodwill, so if you've been hampered by the occasional overloaded truck in a Goodwill drive-through or just need to wade through your garage, know there will be a place for your TV trays/board games/ex-boyfriend's travel posters. A trailer will be available for drop-offs until 6PM.

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