3/2: In Memory

We lament the loss of four Greenville Ave. spots by remembering them in our own special way.

POUR ONE OUT: Make a toast to the memory of Mick's, Hurricane Bar, Terilli's, and Greenville Bar and Grill by hitting any one of the city-wide happy hour locations promoted by Yelp Drinks. Locations include: Eno's Pizza Tavern, Warwick Melrose Library Bar, Double Wide, Veritas Wine Room, Beckley Brewhouse, Cyclone Anaya's (both locations), Bolsa, Victor Tango's, BarBelmont, The Grapevine Bar, Lee Harvey's, Lumi Empanada & Dumpling Kitchen, The Ginger Man (both locations), Dragonfly at Hotel ZaZa, and Trinity Hall (both locations).

METER READERS: Our not-quite-fondest memory of Lower Greenville includes trying to find a parking spot for an hour, then getting a ticket for parking on a private street. Not cool. What is cool is an exhibition at Mokah Art Gallery entitled "No Parking Any Time." Featuring collaborative works by Du Chau, Kathy Lovas, and Alison Starr, the installation shows was built to show an impulse to keep moving forward.

WAY BACK WHEN: The ironically titled, "Green Fields, Black Smoke" exhibit at Dallas Heritage Village takes us back to 1888 and explores the enviromental impact of the industrial and agricultural growth during the time. We're interested in the answer to the question posed by organizers, "Were people really 'greener' in the nineteeth century?"

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