3/17: Matters of the Heart

PUBLISH MY LOVE: Rogue Wave is playing a secret show on Thursday in downtown Austin for SXSW. But tonight, dear Nicks and Norahs, the band is all ours, gently rocking the Loft with tunes from the just-released Permalight. The new record includes the rainbow-splashed, danceable track "Good Morning (The Future)" -- one that could crown the experience of seeing them off to SXSW. Just pretend it was a secret. Find tickets here.

BURNING SOULS: The Great Richmond Theatre Fire in 1811 saw the end of 600 lives, killing even the freshly-elected governor who famously fell after saving his wife from the flames. The tragedy helped send most of America into an evangelical frenzy and is even considered a catalyst of the Second Great Awakening. With a pinch of good humor, Clay McLeod Chapman explores the theatre's ruins -- both physical and spiritual -- in Volume of Smoke, as performed by Audacity Theatre Lab. Bath House Cultural Center, 7:30PM. Find $10-$15 tickets here.

A WORLD INSIDE: The audience at the Spune 2K10 Rite of Spring Fling won't unhinge upon seeing New York's Cymbals Eat Guitars, for instance, like the onlookers at Stravinsky's 1913 premiere. A better tie-in for the name lies in the emotional pull of Rites of Spring, the mid-'80s punk-hardcore band from Washinton D.C.. Seems that feeling laid bare is what draws the acts on the bill together: Portland's Quasi share a stage with Denton acts you have to see now, like the keytar-totin' Monastery, at Hailey's. Doors at 6PM. 10 bands for $10. Find tickets here.

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