3/12: Curtain Call

Once again, we must remind you of the fantastic festivities at North By 35. Friday's bands to notice are Sleep Whale, Mount Righteous, The Phuss, and Nicolas Altobelli. Full schedule is here, more bands to watch are here, and your complete coverage can always be found on our NX35 Feature Page.

Now with that out of the way...

BEDROOM BANTER: Theater Three in Dallas is producing "Bedroom Farce," a British play focusing on the back and forth battle of relationships. It's a little absurd, but aren't most relationships? Showtime is 8 PM. Bringing a date is highly recommended -- then you can debate on which couple featured in the play you're most like.

DINNER IS THE SHOW: Written by Trey Parker, one half of the South Park creation team, "Cannibal! The Musical" is a gore-filled romp in the world of Alfred Packer -- the only person convicted of cannibalism in America. Fans of the animated show will certainly take to this one. Curtain is up at 8:15 PM at the Dallas Hub Theatre.

MADEA RETURNS: Tyler Perry must be a robot to churn out all these productions. His latest live endeavor, "Madea's Big Happy Family," will play at Nokia Theatre at 8 PM. but after this, can we let the character rest a little while? Please?

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