2 Dallas Officers Fired After Internal Investigations

Two Dallas police officers have been fired after an investigation revealed multiple detrimental incidents, including where one officer was arrested for drunken driving and another where the other officer harassed a citizen, Dallas police said in a news release Tuesday.

Hearings for the officers were held Monday where both were terminated, police said. Both officers have the right to appeal their discipline.

Officer Natalia Garcia "engaged in adverse conduct" when she drove a vehicle under the influence of alcohol earlier this year on June 29, police said. She was arrested and charged with Driving While Intoxicated, a class B misdemeanor.

In a separate incident, an internal affairs investigation revealed that Garcia gave inconsistent, conflicting and/or misleading statements in July 2016 and March 2017, police said.

It was also revealed that Garcia was intoxicated in public on July 8, police said. She caused inaccurate, false and/or improper information to be entered in a police report, police said.

Garcia was terminated for her actions. She was hired in 2012 and was assigned to the Northwest Patrol Division.

Senior Cpl. Raymond Ramos was “engaged in adverse conduct” when he harassed a citizen by making phone calls, texts and showing up in person, which resulted in a response by Garland police, Dallas police said.

Between Aug. 7 and Oct. 16, Ramos was insubordinate when he failed to obey a written direct order given by his supervisor to not contact the citizen, police said. The investigation also revealed that Ramos used city equipment for a purpose other than departmental or city business in February and May of 2016.

Ramos was terminated for his actions. He was hired in 2007 and assigned to the Southeast Patrol Division.

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