10/6: World Music Heroes, Pizza and Whisky

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SMACKDOWN: We've mentioned Brave Combo lately as their brand of polka-fueled fusion turns 30 this year, but it's hard to stay quiet when the smartest zany-townie musicians (who DC9 At Night pointed out [via the L.A.Times] influenced Bob Dylan's not-yet-released Christmas record) opens the floor for questions. The band will be at the University of North Texas in Kenton Hall, room 282, at 4PM for a Q&A with a World Music Smackdown show later at the Syndicate at 9PM.

GOOD PIE, SLIM POCKETS: Have you braved the counter of the future at Vapiano in Mockingbird Station? A Tuesday special makes it a little easier to order with that odd little key card: Buy a bottle of wine, get a free pizza. As for deciding between the Margherita and the Chicken Barbeque, we can offer no help. 4PM-11PM.

WHICH WHISKY'S WHICH: Those who regularly order whisky at bars for reasons other than looking tough have other business at Mockingbird Station with Trinity Hall's Whisky Tasting Night, where the blindfolds come out as Freddy Mays the Glenfiddich Ambassador leads patrons in studying each marque and then tests their savvy with an identification quiz. Snacks are included; reservations are required. $25. 7:30PM.

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