NBC 5 Investigates: How Communication Failures Left Texas Unprepared and Powerless in February

"#ShowUsYourFleece" - NBC 5 Investigates looks at what ERCOT said - and didn’t say - before millions of Texans wound up in the dark

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Millions of Texans without power – freezing, even dying, in homes with no heat.

Why didn’t we have more warning that widespread power outages were coming.

The National Weather Service warned February’s winter storm would be ‘historic’ and would rival the December 1989 Artic outbreak.

In this episode of NBC 5 Investigates, we take a closer look at what the people in charge of the Texas electric grid told the public before the storm and why communication breakdowns left so many without any clear warning to prepare for days without power.

And we look at lessons learned what should be done to prepare everyone before the next big crisis.

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