Golden Globe Red Carpet With ‘What the El’ Commentary

Remember "What the El?!?!" Well she's back for special events like the Golden Globes on NBC. Gossip with Sass is back with commentary on the red carpet fashion seen Sunday night.

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Jaimie Alexander - Perfection. The "Blindspot" actress makes Texas proud. The color, the accessories the hair, she makes a great first impression in her first Golden Globes red carpet.
Gina Rodriguez - Beautiful dress, great color, not sure about the hair, but the accessories are spot on.
Ana de la Reguera - Beautiful dress, great color and overall not a bad look for the Netflix "Narcos" star.
America Ferrera - Not sure this is the right dress for America, love her new NBC show Superstore, but the neck on this is not super and the hair looks like it's so tight it hurts. Not her best red carpet.
Bryce Dallas Howard - Pretty dress, maybe a little too old for her. But overall not a bad look. Not sure about the earrings that almost match her hair.
Giuliana Rancic - Covering the carpet and popping off the carpet. Look at those abs, but I still want her to eat a sandwich.
Emmy Rossum - A red carpet standout. Everything about this look is gorgeous including the accessories. The "Shameless" star looks like old Hollywood.
Eva Longoria - Just too much. Too many bows, too much white. and the dress doesn't appear to fit well which seems crazy since she has a great figure.
Jane Wu - Definitely not a plain Jane, this dress is stunning. When the dress has a lot going on you have to go minimalist on the hair, makeup and accessories. Well done.
Maria Menounos - Oh there's definitely something about Maria, it's the messy braid that doesn't belong on the red carpet. Next time, polished hair would go better with that polished dress.
Maura Tierney - Say it with me LIPSTICK. Not crazy about the look at all, the star of "The Affair" has looked better.
Regina King - This dress is stunning. No idea how much this dress weighs but it's gorgeous.
Sophia Bush - The "Chicago P.D." star looks like a million bucks. This is how you do slick pulled back hair.
Jamie Lee Curtis - Great dress, great makeup and accessories. The original scream queen shows you can look fabulous over 50.
Alicia Vikander - This "Ex Machina" and "The Danish Girl" star looks beautiful in white. So petite and so perfect.
Amanda Peet - Not crazy about this look, maybe because she's so washed out. Perhaps if the dress had some color. I almost feel like she needs more hair and more smokey eye to make up for the nude dress.
Brie Larson - Look at how small her waist is! This look from head to toe knocks it out of the park.
Felicity Huffman - Age appropriate and a beautiful color.
Jennifer Lopez - There's so much going on with this dress. The leg, the draping, the train, the cape. I may be the only person who is not a fan of this look.
Kate Bosworth - She's beautiful and the dress is stunning, but she's so thin.
Kirsten Dunst - She looks stunning but I'm so concerned a wardrobe mishap is about to happen. As long as everything stays in place, she's in great shape.
Leslie Mann - Not sure why, I didn't like this look. She's a fun woman but this dress doesn't say fun.
Lily Tomlin - She looks perfect in purple, so age appropriate -- cannot believe she's 76!
Malin Akerman - Beautiful dress, stunning in silver. Not sure about the hair. But she looks at ease and pretty.
Natalie Dormer - This dress seems too old for this "Game of Thrones" actress. Her hair looks a mess.
Olivia Wilde - Gorgeous dress, such a rich shade of scarlet and her best accessory is her smile no doubt because of her husband Jason Sudeikis.
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley - She looks great as she she should since she's a Victoria's Secrets model. The golden hair, golden dress and hot boyfriend Jason Statham, this gal has it going on.
Zendaya - She's so thin she can pull off three tiers of ruffles.
Viola Davis - She looks like a sky full of stars. It's a pretty dress and her hair and makeup is fabulous.
Julianna Moore - Dripping in sequins, she looks beautiful.
Lady Gaga - Not sure about this dress, the hips the bust-line, there's so much going on, but she certainly looks happy with beau Taylor Kinney.
Jennifer Lawrence - She looks fabulous. The cutouts, the old Hollywood hair, the necklace. She hit it out of the park.
Calista Flockhart - What in the world? This dress is not pretty. If not for Harrison Ford I'd be bored.
Katy Perry - She said in her E! red carpet interview that Pantone said red quartz is a major color for Spring 2016, but I expect bold and wow when it comes to Katy. Did you know bump-its were still in?
Amy Adams - The orange dress is pretty but with the red hair I almost feel like it's too much orange. However she usually wears green, so this is a nice break. I'll bet she wears green to the Oscars.
Kate Winslet - She looks awesome. The color is great, the cut of the dress if flattering and she has just the right amount of makeup and accessories. The hair looks great too, though it might not photograph well, it was a nice look.
Cate Blanchett - She usually looks like classic Hollywood, but this looks like a fringe lampshade from the good old days. Not loving it.
Jenna Dewan Tatum - She's beautiful and this dress is stunning. I'm not sure what's going with Channing's hair, but they are a good-looking couple.
Rachel McAdams - Not sure I like this print. Her hair and makeup look good, and I'll give her that she's one of the few who wore print so she definitely stands out but it looks like a garden party not a
Queen Latifah - What a great color with her skin, plus pretty much the only one in this color so it's refreshing. Her hair is polished and she looks great.
Kate Hudson - No, just no. Looks like something TLC would wear to the Grammy's, she's 36, you can still dress sexy without going this far -- take a cue from Jennifers Lawrence.
Julia Louis-Dreyfus - Pretty dress and the blue ribbon and blue clutch tie it all together.
Rooney Mara - So much beige. This dress is literally the same color as her skin. It's like a cat attacked her before she left the house.
Saoirse Ronan - She looks like a Greek goddess, with minimal makeup, hair and accessories, she looks pretty.
Jennifer Jason Leigh - She looks pretty but a little confined by the dress. It's an interesting color, I wonder how it looks in person.
Maggie Gyllenhaal - She always wears crazy stuff, but I guess quirky is her thing. It's not the worst she's worn.
Jane Fonda - Look, another lamp shade. Where Cate Blanchett did fringe, Jane did ruffles. She's looked better on the red carpet.
Melissa McCarthy - She looks great, shimmering and shrinking. Congrats on the weight loss but your fans love you no matter what.
Heidi Klum - Pretty dress and Heidi can wear a burlap bag and still look great, but this hair is a mess.
Taraji P.Henson - This dress fits like a glove, and the "Empire" star looks impressive. The earrings are just right and the hair is simple and looks just right.
Amy Schumer - I'm surprised she went with such a long dress since she usually wears short dresses. This dress was pretty when you can see back which looked like a tuxedo. I'm not sure I like the dress, but Amy is funny so the dress is okay.
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