YouTube Eater Mike Chen Blasts Whataburger: ‘Ugh, It Looks Lifeless'

At least he liked the Spicy Ketchup?

Mike Chen
Smiley Pool, The Dallas Morning News

When YouTube star Mike Chen moved to Dallas-Fort Worth in early 2021, it was clear he would shine a spotlight on North Texas food that he couldn’t find in his previous home, Seattle.

But then he came after Whataburger.

In a video posted Sept. 5, 2021, Chen took a trip to the orange A-frame and purchased two giant plastic bags full of burgers, chicken sandwiches, breakfast and pie. He seemed surprised when he pulled a few “lifeless” sandwiches from their wrappers.

“I don’t understand how this aged so rapidly,” he said early in the video.

Read more of Chen's take on the Texas favorite in the report from our partners at The Dallas Morning News.

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