WrestleMania Will Bring Big Action and Big Bucks To DFW Economy

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WrestleMania is making its way to AT&T Stadium on April 2 and 3 of 2022. But the excitement is already in the building.

People touring AT&T Stadium knew something was different when they saw a WWE wrestling ring on the Cowboys 50 yard line.

"I was on my kid's field trip and I saw The Undertaker and I was like whoa," WWE fan Yanette Gutierrez said.

Vince Sims
Yanette Gutierrez taking a picture of WWE superstar The Undertaker at AT&T Stadium

"I noticed there is a huge person being interviewed and I thought I know that guy wow it's The Undertaker cool," WWE fan Josh Sims said.

WWE superstar The Undertaker was a sight to behold for fans.

Vince Sims
Josh Sims posing for a picture with WWE superstar The Undertaker at AT&T Stadium

"No one like the undertaker," Gutierrez said.

The Undertaker is a Texas native. He was born and raised in Houston.

He explained why wrestling is a big draw for fans.

"There's some people that watch it just for the athleticism,” WWE superstar The Undertaker said. “Then there are the other people that watch it just for the storylines and the drama that comes behind that."

He said that attraction is going to be a big impact on the DFW metroplex area when WrestleMania comes here in April.

"We have people come in from, I don't know, 30 or 40 different countries around the world,” The Undertaker said. “They'll fly in for WrestleMania. Could be more this year because we've got two nights. There's going to be money, people spending money, on hotels, restaurants, attractions."

Vince Sims

The Dallas Sports Commission says there will be events happening all week around the metroplex extending the economic impact of the event.

"In 2016 the projected economic impact was over $170 million,” Dallas Sports Commission Executive Director Monica Paul said. “With adding that extra night we are going to be well over $250 million in economic impact."

For the wrestling world, this is their ultimate event.

"It is our Superbowl of what we do," The Undertaker said.

Tickets for the April 2 and 3 events go on sale Friday, November 12.

For more information on tickets click here.

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