Valentine's Day Survival Guide

Hot hints for making Valentine's Day great

Whether you're a guy, gal, single or couple, here's some suggestions on how to survive Valentine's Day.

Timing is Everything
Valentine's Day lands on a Thursday this year (Feb. 14, 2013, natch) which complicates some plans -- obviously you don't want to party too hard if you have to be at work the next day. That's why timing your romantic rendezvous for the Feb. 9-10 or belatedly over the Feb. 16-17 weekend might be a better idea. Double check before making reservations, buying tickets, or making other plans -- some events and menus are limited time offers.

Plan A
There are dozens of Valentine's Day events around DFW, but if you think you can just roll up to any of them on Feb. 14, you might be in for a surprise.  Check out our list of events to find something beyond your standard dinner and a movie date. It's a great idea to call or visit the website for the events to make sure seats/tickets/etc. are still available.

Plan B
Occasionally, your best laid Valentine's Day plans will go awry. That's why we liked to have a romantic Plan B in our back pocket. Picking up a classic romantic movie for your home viewing could make things a lot better if your date comes down with food poisoning.

Love Thyself
Though our previous suggestions focused around making a date go great, there's no reason Valentine's Day can't be awesome for a single guy or gal. Yeah, we know how bitter people can get around the "Hallmark Holiday" (check out our Crappy Valentine's Day cards for confirmation), but changing your outlook to treat yourself to a nice meal, massage, or a great gift might be a good reason to celebrate the holiday.

Need more info on Valentine's Day? Head to our special section for menus, events, photo galleries and more.

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