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Two North Texas Crimes Featured Among Dateline's Show Podcasts

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Dateline NBC's (l-r) Keith Morrison, Andrea Canning, Lester Holt, Josh Mankiewicz and Dennis Murphy.
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Don’t listen alone, could be the new tagline for Dateline NBC. Late last year Dateline started converting all its episodes into podcasts.

Viewers of NBC’s longest-running primetime series said they really wanted to listen to audio versions of the show and Dateline is delivering.

Two North Texas cases have recently dropped -- ‘Frantic’ Josh Mankiewicz’s March 2017 report on the disappearance of Christina Morris and ‘The Carrollton Plot’ Andrea Canning’s Oct. 2014 report on Frank Howard, a high flying accountant from Carrollton, Texas, learns that his wife has been brutally attacked in their home while he’s away on business in California.

Dateline has been on NBC for 28 seasons, and also appears on cable stations like OWN, Oxygen, MSNBC, ID and in syndication, but now fans have another way to consume the true-crime show.

Dateline also has two original podcasts, “The Thing About Pam” and “13 Alibis.”

And if you are a big fan of Keith Morrison you can listen to him deliver traffic information via Waze, or read the holiday classics “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.”

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