Twenty at the Tower Recipe: Texas Peaches with TX Whiskey Caramel Peach Syrup

EXCLUSIVE: Chef Michael Thomson shares his dessert recipe


TX Whiskey Caramel Peach Syrup
(Yield: approximately 2 cups)

1/4 Lb.  Whole butter
1/2 Cup  Granulated sugar
1/2 Cup  Dark brown sugar, packed
1/2 Cup  TX Whiskey (F&R Distilling Co. Fort Worth, Texas)
1/4 Cup  Peach schnapps
2 Tablespoons  Grand Marnier liqueur
2 Tablespoons  Fresh lime juice
1 Tablespoons  Mexican pure vanilla extract
1 Teaspoon  Cinnamon, ground
1 Cup  Cajeta Sauce (Recipe Follows)

Heat the butter & sugars in a saucepan over medium heat until the sugar is dissolved and simmering. Off the heat, carefully add the TX Whiskey, peach schnapps, Grand Marnier, lime juice, vanilla and cinnamon. The alcohol will ignite, once the flames are out, cook, stirring constantly until mixture is smooth and shiny. Add the prepared Cajeta Sauce to the cooked sauce to heat. If desired, add more of the prepared Cajeta Sauce to meet your personal preference.

Chile Pequin Cajeta Sauce
(Yield: approximately 20 ounces)

1-14 oz.  Can condensed milk (Eagle Brand)
14 oz.  Whole milk (fill the Eagle Can to rinse clean)
Pinch  Sea salt
5   Dried chile pequin
1 Cup  Granulated sugar (to caramelize)
1 Tbsp  Vanilla extract

In a sauce pan, bring 1st four ingredients to a slow simmer. Heat a heavy bottomed sautee pan over a medium flame, add the 2 cups of sugar and shake the pan for several minutes until the sugar melts & becomes transparent. Turn the flame higher and stir the melted sugar with a wooden spoon until it reaches the caramelized color you desire. (Caramel can be from light to dark, and i believe the darker the better, however do not let the caramelized sugar burn or it will be bitter.) Add the caramelized sugar, very slowly, to the simmering milk, stirring with the wooden spoon the entire time. Continue to slowly simmer the mixture for 30 minutes, stirring every few minutes to keep the sauce from sticking to the pan. Taste the sauce every few minutes for heat from the chiles, when you reach the desired "heat level", remove the chiles.

Grilled Sweet Texas Peaches

6  Large firm, but ripe Texas peaches, halved and pitted
1 Cup  Texas honey
1 Tablespoon  Roc-Doc-Rub™ (available at MichaelsCuisine™)
    (your favorite grilling spice or salt & pepper will work)
1 Cup   Oil for the grill

In a small tray or bowl mix the honey & Roc-Doc-Rub™. Get a charcoal, or gas grill very hot. The goal is to get dark, caramelized grill marks on the peaches without overcooking them to mush. Brush the grates of the grill clean and wipe with an oiled paper towel, or spray the oil with a spray bottle, or simply use aerosol spray oil. Coat the cut side of the peach halves with the seasoned honey. Place onto the hot grill cut side down. Grill for about 2 minutes and with a spatula turn 45 degrees to create an "X" grill mark. Cook an an additional 2 minutes, keeping the peaches semi-firm. remove and serve, or cool to room temperature. (The grilled peaches can be grilled ahead of service time & re-heated in the oven for service.) In serving bowls, place desired amount of ice cream on top of the grilled peaches & drizzle (or soak!) with the warm sauce. Garnish with butter cookies, strawberries or raspberries, a fresh mint sprig and dust with powdered sugar.

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