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‘The Vaquero Gathering' Set to Premiere in the Fort Worth Stockyards Oct. 8-10, 2021

It's a celebration of Vaquero and Mexican Charro traditions held in the Cowtown Coliseum

The inaugural Vaquero Gathering, hosted by the American Paint Horse Association is set to make history in the Fort Worth Stockyards October 8-10, 2021.

The weekend takeover of the historic Fort Worth Stockyards will highlight the contributions and pay homage to Mexican Charro traditions. Stockyard’s visitors will be treated to the traditional sights, sounds and culinary experiences that make Texas and this historic location a tribute to vaquero heritage.

“This inaugural event showcases the important role that early native and Mexican vaqueros played in the early trail drives that started right here in the Stockyards. The APHA has international partnerships in Mexico, Brazil and Latin America that will have an opportunity to learn of our local history and fully recognize the constant presence of Charros and Escaramuzas that keep the sport growing across the US and right here in Fort Worth this October,” said APHA’s Executive Director Billy Smith.

The first-time event will include horsemanship clinics, three horse show performances in the Cowtown Coliseum and a Vaquero (Mexican) Food Truck Competition.

The event will kick off with the first of three bilingual daily performances detailing the Charro’s early days, ranch vaqueros and present-day competitors.

“We are proud to share our national treasure, precious history and culture with the international visitors of the Stockyards. The APHA has important relationships and a strong presence in Mexico, and we are proud that Mexican Charreria will be celebrated at this historic venue,” stated Francisco de la Torre, Cónsul of México.

Friday’s events begin at noon with the first performance telling the story of the early days of the Mexican vaqueros, charros and the history of the Escaramuza, or side-saddle riders, during the Mexican revolution.

Also at Noon, Saturday’s performance will highlight the transfer of Mexican charro skills to ranch vaqueros and the celebrated horse traditions of that period.

Sunday’s events begin at 10 a.m. with a bilingual horsemanship skills clinic by renowned trainers and local American Paint Horse Association champions. The clinic will be open to the public in the Cowtown Coliseum prior to the matinee performance. Sunday’s performance at 2:00 p.m. and will be a historical compilation of the first two time periods as a celebration of the present-day Vaquero and Charro.

For more information visit to find a full list of activities and to purchase tickets. Follow @vaquero.gathering2021 on Facebook.

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