“The Lost City of Z” is Bold and Beautiful: Cogill

"The Lost City Of Z" is an intelligent film about one mans need for adventure. In this case real life British explorer, Percy Fawcett, sent  in the early 1900's to map the Amazon jungle between Bolivia and Brazil. His dangerous journey takes years, lives are lost, and he returns with a bold discovery of an ancient, highly developed, South American civilization.

Charlie Hunnam is perfect as the determined Brit, and so is an unrecognizable, Robert Pattinson, as his friend and fellow explorer. Rather than treat uncharted territory with arrogance and dominance, the two treat every animal and cannibal with respect.

"The Lost City of Z" is directed with ambition and restraint by American film maker, James Gray. One minute you're in the middle of a life threatening jungle, the next minute it's a compassionate look at a family coming to grips with a father who is never home. Every frame is a work of art.

"The Lost City of Z" is rated a melancholy PG-13 and runs two hours and twenty one minutes. It's a rare, bold, beautiful film that says there is a price to pay for choosing such an exotic, dangerous, unforgiving line of work. 

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