Texans Drank 45M Gallons of Beer Last Month

New statistics from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission are showing just how much Texans like to drink.

The TABC says Texas residents drank 45 million gallons of beer in December 2012.

In that same month, the commission says 2.6 million gallons of distilled spirits, 4.9 million gallons of wine, and 5.5 millions gallons of ale and malt liquor were consumed.

When you break that down for the estimated 26.9 million Texans, that makes the per capita consumption 1.69 gallons of beer consumed. That translates to about 17 12oz beers per month, per person in the state, by our quick calculations.

Breaking down the other numbers for just December, Texans had roughly a bottle of wine and eight shots of hard liquor per person.

Again, all these numbers so far are just for one month. So how much per person do Texans drink per year?

Statistics provided by the TABC show residents drink 21.36 gallons of beer, 1.19 gallons of distilled spirits, 2.15 gallons of wine, and 2.26 gallons of ale and malt liquor per capita for 2012.

Doing more quick math, that's just about 228 12 oz. cans of beer per year, per Texan. Vineyards must love Texans, too, as stats show a calculated 11 750 ml bottles of wine consumed per person in 2012.

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