Statler Hotel Expands Business Model to Serve Remote Workers

The hotel is opening up its space for rent for those working from home who need a fresh upgrade.

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We’re all going on month six of working from home.

Whether your dog is photobombing your Zoom call or your kids are screaming in the next room, it can be tough.

But since travel has slowed down, the hospitality industry is pivoting to meet new demands for consumers.

The historic Statler Hotel in downtown Dallas has just launched a new initiative called “Work With Us.” The hotel is opening up its space for rent for those working remotely.

“We realize that our normal business model of servicing our business clientele was changing. In order to stay successful, we need to change with it as well,” said Statler Hotel general manager Ryan Miyamoto. “We realized business needed to continue in some form or facet and we have the ability to provide that for them.”

From quiet rooms with free Wi-Fi and conference calling capabilities to larger conference rooms for co-workers to spread out on a project – The Statler said the goal is to cater to business and professional clients who need an upgrade to their work from home situation.

The Statler Hotel

“Some people aren’t able to be productive at home,” said Miyamoto. “That’s really where this Work With Us initiative came in, to offer a safe environment for them to be able to conduct their business. Whether it’s a singular person during a teleconference or just a small meeting brainstorming session.”

Meeting areas run anywhere from small conference rooms to large 12,000 square feet spaces.

“We can accommodate anywhere from one person to 250 people at this time with restrictions in place,” said Miyamoto.

Rooms are fully sanitized between uses. The Statler is also using a newly developed sanitization method developed by Hilton Hotels called EventReady.

About 30 minutes prior to a rental, the team sanitized and prepares the room. Cleaning crews then seal the door with a special seal. Staff meets the client in front of the room, hands them a checklist that shows everything that’s been done and then the client is the one that opens the door and breaks the seal.

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It's to reassure them that they are the first people in the room since it has a last been sanitized," explained Miyamoto. “It’s nothing out of the ordinary that we weren’t doing before but we just want to make sure that it’s more evidence for people to see and to recognize that they are safe in their environment."

Renters also have access to hotel perks like the banquet team for food and beverage service, as well as a third-party A/V company that can provide teleconference for virtual streaming.

"We’re happy to serve our North Texas community, helping businesses get back up and running. And to fulfill their needs to hopefully get us back to whatever the new normal is," said Miyamoto.

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