‘Savor in Klyde Warren Park' to Close Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic is being blamed for another restaurant closure in Dallas.

This time, it’s Savor in Kylde Warren Park.

Come Sunday, the park’s first and only restaurant will close its doors for good.

As will Relish, the walk-up burger kiosk.

Both businesses are owned by F2m, Farm to Market.

“It’s always hard to see longtime partners go away but at the same time Klyde Warren Park is a non-profit and relies on that space for rent,” said Kit Sawers, president of Klyde Warren Park.

Sawers said the closures are due to the economic impact of COVID-19, although people are still visiting the park seven days a week.

“They [Savor and Relish] just weren’t getting a tremendous amount of foot traffic,” said Sawers. “We’ve been talking to them for months and trying to work out a mutually-beneficial plan and just, it just ended up working out that we were going to need a new situation.”

Sawers said 10-20% of the park’s overall budget comes from its food trucks and the restaurant’s earned revenue.

Fundraisers also contribute to the budget.

“It’s important for the park’s revenue model to have revenue generated by that area [the restaurant space] but we’ll see what comes," she said. "We’re excited to see what the space can be.”

Asked how difficult it will be to find a new tenant right now, Sawers responded, “We’ve got a plan. We already hired a broker to look at local restaurant concepts.”

Visitors will also be polled to determine what they’d like to see in the space, she added.

In the meantime, the soon-to-be empty restaurant will be transformed into a ‘pop-up’ rental space for small events like weddings or board meetings, she said.

As for the upcoming multi-million dollar expansion project, Sawers said it’s still on track despite this closure and the pandemic.

“The expansion project is still on track and I think this will give us an opportunity to perhaps tweak the concept,” she said.

Sawers wants to examine how people use the park and how they want this restaurant space to shape the expansion.

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