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Oregon-Based Dutch Bros Now Serving Coffee in North Texas

Oregon-based Dutch Bros opens its fourth North Texas location Friday, joining three others since May

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The coffee scene in North Texas is perking up a bit as Dutch Bros comes to town.

The location opening Friday at 3007 Altamesa Blvd. in South Fort Worth adds to stores in McKinney, Pantego and Plano that started opening in May. Three more are on the way in Collin and Tarrant counties.

What do you need to know about the shop? First, it is Dutch Bros, not Dutch brothers. But, two brothers in Oregon did start the business.

Second, the people who make the coffee drinks are called "broistas."

Third, the store that opened Friday morning in South Fort Worth is the fourth to open in North Texas since May, with three more on the way.

The operators know they're entering a competitive market, but believe they've got the right brew for Dallas-Fort worth.

"We opened our first location in Texas in College Station in January. And from there, Dallas seemed like such a natural place to go. The community here, overwhelmingly just so incredible. So we don't necessarily look at competitive businesses or anything. We just look at the people we want to serve and we go in," said Kelli Nimmer, operator of the stores in McKinney and Plano.

"Dutch Bros chose the locations for a number of reasons, traffic count, population, visibility as well as the tight-knit and welcoming communities," added spokesperson Rilynn Davis.

In all, Dutch Bros will have more than two dozen stores in Texas by early next year. And if interested, the company is looking to hire more broistas.

Broistas serve up specialty coffee, smoothies, freezes, teas, energy drinks and nitrogen-infused cold brew coffee.

"We think our product is so far beyond even the coffee or the teas or sodas, we say our product is love and coffee's the vessel we've chosen. So, we truly believe we can set up almost anywhere and that human connection piece is what people truly want from us at the end of the day. And, we deliver," Nimmer smiled.

Dutch Bros Quick Facts:
• Dutch Bros or Dutch Bros Coffee (please avoid Dutch Brothers, Dutch Bros. Coffee, Dutch Bros’ Coffee, Dutch Bro’s Coffee).
• Founded in 1992 and headquartered in Grants Pass, Oregon.
• Focused on speed, quality and service.

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