North Texas Pitmaster Keeps Serving Community Warm Food Amid Winter Storm

The Meat U Anywhere Nation has responded to the need for a warm meal during the winter storm

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The best Texas BBQ joints are made with love. One local pitmaster never stopped serving the community, despite the icy conditions and weather because his customers still want their mouth-watering food.

"People literally need more to eat. Needing supplies for the house and whatever it's like, 'gosh man,'" said Andy Sedino owner of Meat U Anywhere BBQ. "I felt horrible for them being so helpless because obviously our electricity never went down or power never down. We were lucky."

Sedino's 7-year old small family business shut down on Sunday, but on Monday, a phone call from the Roanoke Fire Department to feed 40 members of their emergency management team changed things.

"I said 'awe man, I'm closed.' He goes 'We'll take anything. What do you think you can do?' 'I think I've got some turkey in the walk-in. I can get it warmed up and put it on the pit and make y'all some sandwiches.' He goes 'Yeah, that's good. We'll take it.'"

Sedino did not take any payment for the meal he delivered.

"If we get paid it's a bonus. But it wasn't our intent. We did it out of the need. Somebody literally called me, they had my cell phone number. They knew they could count on me. I'm like, I'm not gonna let em down," he said.

The Meat U Anywhere Nation has responded. Three-hour lines on Tuesday and Wednesday meant the stores in Trophy Club and Grapevine were completely sold out by 10:30 am.

Sedino was moved to tears by his members of MUA Nation.

"I'm so encouraged about the outpouring of love and support that um, gosh, this is why we do it, man, for the love of our community. We're in the service industry, man."

Rocket, a Trophy Club resident came out for BBQ on Thursday morning.

"My wife has cancer. We have two small children at home. The cold weather, COVID, everything that's piled up just has been terrible. And a place like this where you can come and take something home that gives you that semblance of taking control again is absolutely wonderful," he said.

And of course, the owner feels the appreciation.

"It's so overwhelming. You know, just to have the support and see how many people are just loving what we're doing and supporting us by that, it just speaks volumes."

Thursday, a food truck delivery arrived so Sedino says starting Friday, Meat U Anywhere will once again have eggs for their popular breakfast tacos.

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