Little Elm

North Texas Family Creates Halloween Oasis in Front Yard

A creator of movie props, Randy Forrester has taken Halloween decorating to the next level

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It just might be the spookiest house in all of North Texas.

A family in Little Elm is going all out for trick or treaters this Halloween weekend.

Randy Forrester has built movie props for the last 20 years. His projects include Ghostbusters, Terminator and The Goonies.

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But for the past 10 years, he's shared his talents with the neighborhood by turning the family yard into a Halloween oasis.

"To have the kids come out and just see their imaginations flow, it’s really cool," Forrester said. "And they want to come back the next day and the next day. We see them when we’re out here fixing things.

From a giant spider over the front door to a talking plant straight out of the Little Shop of Horrors, Forrester puts realism and magic into every prop.

He even has life-size versions of Freddy, Jason and Michael standing in the bedroom windows, which the family doesn’t mind too much.

"They’ve gotten used to it over time," Forrester said. "But even when I first started making it I would scare myself because it looks like a person standing there."

He’s most proud of his life-size Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street.

“I did all the sculpting for it and all the painting," said Forrester. "I’ll also meet the actors. This particular one is signed by Robert Englund."

However, the supply chain shortage caused by the pandemic this year almost threw a wrench in their ghoulish ideas.

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"We try to outdo ourselves every year and we get a little bit bigger. Things are actually hard to find, so some of the items that I was going to get there just nonexistent or were already sold out back in July," Forrester said.

Once the cobwebs come down, the family said they'll start planning and setting up for a huge Christmas display.

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