NBC 5 Staff Shares Favorite Burger Joints

Click the interactive map below to find out our favorites

National Hamburger Day is almost upon us, this year May 28 falls on Memorial Day.

We asked the NBC 5 staff to tell us their favorite burger places and put their choices in the interactive map above. 

But we're by no means burger experts, so we teamed up with our media partners at GuideLive to mark the occasion. 

GuideLive's Top 10 Burger Joints

Sarah Blaskovich put together an awesome list of the 15 Essential Burger Joints in Dallas-Fort Worth, three of them show up on the NBC 5 list!

Missing Attachment

And when it comes to burger chains, two made our list and the GuideLive list.

Blaskovich also asked some Dallas-area celebrities for their input.

CLICK HERE to read Sarah Blaskovich's article on GuideLive.com

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