Donald Trump

MAGA-Themed Building Blocks Toy Urges Kids to ‘Build the Wall’

The maker and peddler of a line of conservative-themed toys, T-shirts and Trump gear has added a Lego-like border wall to its stable of goods. is accepting pre-orders for their building blocks toy, Build the Wall. The toy is a recent addition to their MAGA toy line which features several figurine versions of President Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

The Build the Wall starter kit, and it is just a starter kit, is made up of 101 pieces that can be snapped together to create your very own slice of security. The toy includes a Trump figurine donning a red MAGA construction hat.

The toy motivates children to construct the wall with the story line of 10,000 migrants moving through Mexico bound for El Paso. In order to stall the throng, the description states, "the wall must be built."

"The wall will keep America safe and strong. Only then will we be able to help those in need," the site said.

The toy retails for about $30; pre-orders are being taken now with shipping dates of Nov. 23 expected.

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