Big Tex Helps With a Romantic Proposal at the State Fair of Texas

Love happened at the State Fair of Texas

"Love is in the air, today at the Fair," said Big Tex at the State Fair of Texas on Thursday.

On the afternoon of Oct. 11, Scott and Diane, wearing matching black cowboy boots, got engaged with the on-looking crowd serving as witnesses.

They met at the State Fair 44 years ago. After Scott saw her perform with her drill team, he approached her, asking for a date.

Scott and Diane went on to live separate lives, married other people, but reconnected just seven months ago. Both of them have 34-year-old sons named Nicholas from previous marriages.

Scott, as tradition goes, got down on one knee after Big Tex said, "Scott is waiting for an answer, Diane."

Diane bent down to kiss him.

The crowd cheered and clapped, and Scott and Diane embraced in a hug.

She said, yes!

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