Jackopierce, Duo With Long Dallas History, Headlines New Year's Eve Countdown Broadcast

In 1988, Jack O'Neill and Cary Pierce, the "Jack O" and "Pierce" who make up the seminal acoustic duo, Jackopierce, were playing cover songs in a dingy club with a crummy PA in their hometown of Dallas, Texas. In a moment of young-musician desperation, they whipped up a tune on the spot called "Three of Us In A Boat" to elongate their set. That became a signature track for a decade-long career wherein the two-piece sold 500,000 records over six albums.

Jackopierce will headline a VIP party at Saint Rocco's during the Lone Star New Year's Eve Countdown to 2018 show. NBC 5's Kristin Dickers and KARK-TV's D.J. Williams talked to the band about the special night.

After a five-year breakup, in 2002 the duo reconvened as Jackopierce. Today Jack O'Neill and Cary Pierce have a renewed creative vigor, mutual respect, and deep gratitude for their Jackopierce heritage.

A live Jackopierce performance will be a centerpiece of the Lone Star New Year's Eve Countdown to 2018 broadcast from Saint Rocco's at Trinity Groves.

“New Year's Eve has always a special time for my family. Football, black eyed peas, friends coming and going,” said Cary Pierce. “We are really looking forward to spending this NYE in Dallas with our friends and family at St Rocco’s at Trinity Groves. It’s going to be blast - and the food and the views are awesome!”

“I moved away from Dallas some years ago. I always love bringing my family back to ring in the new year with my Texas family and old friends. We can't wait to get back to Texas for the holidays,” added Jack O’Neill.

The band recently released several new singles, “Open Road,” “Summer (Feels Like Forever)” and “Long Road Home,” and are working on a new album. You can stream the songs on any of the major streaming services including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and YouTube.com

Broadcasting from Trinity Groves and Reunion Park in Downtown Dallas, Lone Star New Year's Eve Countdown to 2018 will feature Jackopierce, a central time zone countdown, and will finish off with the fireworks spectacular from Reunion Tower in downtown Dallas. 

Along with being broadcast on NBC 5 and Nexstar stations across Texas, Lousiana, Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri, an extended program will be streamed live on NBCDFW.com and 18 local Nexstar websites starting at 10 p.m.

NBC 5 and Nexstar Media Group are the official media partners of the AT&T Streaming Lights at Reunion Tower fireworks spectacular and will broadcast the event live beginning at 11:59 p.m. CST as the Dallas city skyline lights up with more than 4,000 pyrotechnic special effects ignited from various levels of Reunion Tower.

The event is sponsored by VisitDallas and www.visitdallas.com.

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