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It's a Boy! Dallas Zoo Welcomes Baby Elephant

The calf weighed nearly 300 pounds at birth

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The Dallas Zoo is sharing news of a new addition to the Giants of the Savanna habitat.

African elephant Mlilo gave birth to a healthy 290 lbs. baby boy at 2:27 a.m. on Sunday, Feb. 26. Mlilo's first calf, Ajabu only weighed in at 175 lbs.

Dallas Zoo
Mom Mlilo and new baby elephant at Dallas Zoo.

Mlilo was pregnant for 22 months and the zoo says it was a "herd birth" in that another female, Zola, was with Mlilo through the birth and right after. Zoo officials say that's how it would happen in the wild and that the two females are taking good care of the baby.

Dad Tendaji helped with the gender reveal, pulling on a hay feeder to release blue confetti announcing it's a boy.

Zookeepers say the baby elephant is "full of spunk" and he "came out moving."

Dallas Zoo
New baby elephant at Dallas Zoo.

Soon he'll meet other members of the herd, but for now mom and baby will stay behind the scenes.

The zoo said on social media they'll announce the baby boy's name next week.

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