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Fort Worth's Newly Named ‘Top BBQ Joint in Texas' Draws Beyond-Capacity Crowd

Goldee's Barbecue sold out of meat at approximately 10 a.m. Friday, a full hour before it even opened its doors for business

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If you want to try out what has recently been named the best barbecue in Texas, you better pack your patience along with your appetite and prepare to arrive hours before the doors open.

Goldee’s Barbecue, located at 4645 Dick Price Road in Southeast Fort Worth, only opened for business in February 2020 – just in time to be forced to temporarily shut down at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. And according to its owners, none of whom are older than 27, the restaurant barely made it through the worst of the economic downturn that followed.

Thankfully for their sake, and for the sake of lovers of good barbecue everywhere, Goldee’s made it through those trying times.

Its reward? Taking the number one ranking in Texas Monthly’s definitive “Top 50 Best Barbecue Joints in Texas” list.

The Texas Monthly list comes out once every four years, and it involves a painstaking process. According to the magazine, 35 people visited 411 barbecue joints over a period of eight weeks during the spring and summer.

Goldee’s is only open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Friday was the first day it opened for business since the Texas Monthly list came out this week.

This week – barbecue has been all the talk of foodies. Several North Texas eateries were named as the best in the state. Evan Anderson sat down with Dallas Morning News Food Writer Sarah Blaskovich to discuss it in today’s Foodie 411.

The restaurant’s hours are listed as 11 a.m. until they sell out of food. On Friday, Goldee’s sold out at approximately 10 a.m. – about an hour before they opened their doors.

“We are so excited. We hope we do the barbecue world proud and help shape it to make it amazing. We’re very excited,” said Jonny White, one of the owners of Goldee’s.

The staff at Texas Monthly said the following about its ranking of Goldee’s:

"So, what shot this modest joint into our top spot? Simply put, food that’s close to perfection. During repeated visits, we searched for weaknesses and inconsistencies, only to find, again and again, the state’s best spareribs and spectacular sausage and brisket. While many places have come to rely on the common crutches of excess—too much salt on the brisket, too much sugar on the ribs—Goldee’s demonstrates a confident restraint that belies the pitmasters’ youth. They trust the meat and the smoke more than an arsenal of seasonings.

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