Dapper Addition to Dallas’ Skyline


By the end of January, a two-ton bowler hat will stand tall above the 1500 block of Griffin Street in Dallas, capping off a 30-foot tall coat stand.

It's part of a piece of public art that was supposed to be placed at a new location of a British furniture store Timothy Oulton near Central Expressway.

Unfortunately, the company ran out of room for the 20-foot wide, 10-foot tall black bowler hat at that spot and the city's sign ordinance wouldn't allow it to be placed on the roof.

So what do you do with a hat that doesn't fit? You give it away -- specifically back to the Cedars neighborhood where Keith Turman, the artist who made the bowler, lives. It took Turman four months to build the hat out of wood, fiberglass, rigid foam, and other materials.

Neighbors in the area held a little parade before the new year to welcome the sculpture to its new home. Visitors should be able to tip their caps to the new piece of art by the end of January.

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