Bulldog Steals Pug’s Treat

A video featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show is making two North Texas dogs the latest Internet sensations.

But what many people who saw the dogs on Monday may not know is that there are two stories behind the video.

Friends Battling Disease Find Joy in Ellen

Rachel Winner of McKinney sent the video in to The Ellen DeGeneres Show to cheer up a friend.

Winner, who has an auto-immune disease, tells us her best friend from high school who lives in Pennsylvania, has multiple sclerosis.

To cheer each other up as they battle their respective diseases, the women would watch Ellen every day and laugh to get good "juju."

When Ellen DeGeneres launched EllenTube, featuring videos approved by the daytime talk show host, Winner uploaded the video of her bulldog Lillie stealing a treat from her pug Kayla.

Ellen shared the video on her show Monday and Winner says the video went from 62 views to more than 145,000 views on EllenTube.

Dogs Featured in Video Have Their Own Story

Sadly, Winner says Kayla the pug is in her final months of her battle against breast cancer, commonly known as mammary gland cancer in dogs.

Meanwhile, Lillie the bulldog is a survivor. Winner says she had a foreign object in her belly that caused her to drop from 46 lbs. to 26 lbs. in two weeks. Winner says she was saved by a local vet.

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