Ballpark Hosts Texas' Largest Food Truck Festival

Dozens of trucks serve up food Friday, Saturday

Trucks started pulling in to Arlington Friday morning for the biggest food truck festival in the state.

The Texas Food Truckin' Festival is being held Friday and Saturday.

"It's so much fun," said Barbara Tucker, owner of Aunt Sweet Tooth's food truck. "We just love events like this. We love big crowds of people and just have a blast on this truck."

Tucker and her family made the drive from Gainesville to take part in the festival.

It takes a certain kind of person to run a food truck, she said.

"It's a complete kitchen built inside of this truck, so you have to be a little bit insane to even want to do that," Tucker said.

But you only have to be hungry to attend the festival.

"The food options are great," said Decima Cooper, of the city visitor's bureau. "There are all different types of food cuisines."

Trucks from all over the state are offering up food from all over the world, each with something unique to offer.

"We have the best hamburgers ever," Tucker said. "We have something called the Holy Burger that's actually two patties of meat with all the good stuff in between."

Sean Decker of Texas Rangers Enterprises said food truck owners are "amazing chefs who don't want to make the investment in a brick-and-mortar shop, so this is a more cost-effective way to do it."

"They're churning out incredible food," Decker said. "What's unique about this is that, never in North Texas have we had this many trucks in one location."

Decker said the team would like to get to the point where the ballpark is more than just a place to catch a ballgame.

We're trying to bring folks to the ballpark for things other than baseball events," Decker said. "We want 50,000-plus for all 81 home games and the playoffs, but we want folks coming all year long."

A percentage of the proceeds from the festival will benefit the American Cancer Society.

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