A Ban on Mariah Carey? A Dallas Bar Says YES!

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Now that Halloween is over almost everywhere you go there are signs of Christmas. But a bar in Dallas seems to have declared war on the holiday by temporarily banning Mariah Carey's hit song, 'All I Want for Christmas.'

Managers at the Stoneleigh P in Uptown posted a sign on the jukebox saying "Mariah Carey's 'All I Want for Christmas is You' will be skipped if played before Dec. 1. After Dec. 1, the song is allowed one time a night."

An image of the sign started making the rounds on Twitter and Carey responded with an image of her dressed in an armor suit, ready to go into battle.

Carey later tweeted out a video of her dressed in a sparkly red dress, armed with a peppermint baseball bat, breaking into a house fully decorated for Halloween. Pumpkins inside the home state "IT'S NOT TIME." Carey takes the bat and smashes the pumpkins and declares "IT'S TIME!"

NBC 5 spoke with Laura Garrison, the general manager of the Stoneleigh P on Tuesday. She said the sign has been a running joke for the past three years. They like to consider themselves a bar of "regulars" and anytime a song is played twice in a night, they skip over it.

"We've got a bunch of bad reviews. Mariah Carey lovers or Christmas lovers, bad reviews online. So I actually got off the phone with Yelp today. Yelp's really good about flagging, not recommending reviews that don't have anything to do with our service," said Garrison.

Garrison said she had no idea that Carey had replied to the sign until Monday.

"That was cool. I'm glad she didn't really say anything. I'm happy with the photo she posted," said Garrison.

One solution Garrison has for Carey -- "Maybe Mariah Carey can do a Thanksgiving song."

Garrison said the bar is considering hosting a Mariah Carey-themed karaoke party, just to take all the fun and publicity of the sign to the next level.

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