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North Texans Compete on "The Voice"



    North Texans Hope to Win 'The Voice'

    NBC's 'The Voice' is about to kick off its seventh season on NBC 5, and North Texans might recognize a few familiar faces. (Published Sunday, Sept. 21, 2014)

    North Texas is getting ready to cheer on another contestant for NBC’s hit show, "The Voice."

    This week NBC revealed on its webpage a sneak peak of Dublin, Texas, native Luke Wade wowing all four of the judges during his blind audition.

    While we don't know which judge Luke picked, it’s safe to say he’s already made a name for himself as all four judges turned their chairs.

    Friday night Wade performed at The Grotto Bar in Fort Worth, where he first performed seven years ago during an open mic night.

    “He came in and I remember and he sang a Ray LaMontagne song and the whole bar just stopped and listened. Twenty minutes and no one could take their eyes off him. It was just amazing," said Cody Admire, who is the owner of Grotto and a friend of Wade’s.

    Wade grew up and Dublin Texas and said he didn’t start singing until he was 19 years old.

    He had a band in college, which later evolved into his current band, Luke Wade No Civilians.

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    Wade isn’t the only North Texan making an appearance on the show.

    Reagan James from Burleson is also expected to appear and hopefully wow the judges with her R&B Pop style.

    Tune into NBC’s "The Voice" starting Monday, Sept. 22 to see which judge Wade picks and follow his and James’ journey throughout the competition.