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Kimbell's New Piano Pavilion Opens Wednesday

Piano Pavilion triples museum's gallery space



    Kimbell's Renzo Piano Pavilion Opens

    NBC 5's Bobbie Wygant talks to Italian architect Renzo Piano about his new pavilion at the Kimbell's Art Museum. (Published Wednesday, Nov. 27, 2013)

    The Kimbell Art Museum's eye-popping Piano Pavilion, a building of glass, concrete and wood, triples the museum's gallery space. It opens to the public on Nov. 27/

    The new building, designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano, houses classrooms, an expanded library, underground parking and an auditorium.

    The interiors are as arresting as the exterior, whether it is the north gallery featuring African and pre-Colombian works or the spacious auditorium lit by the two-story light well.

    The building is a work of art in addition to the dozens it houses inside. Piano Pavilion sits just 65 yards west of the one designed by Piano's mentor, Louis Kahn. The Kahn building and museum opened in 1972.

    Sneak Peek at Kimbell Pavilion

    [DFW] Sneak Peek at Kimbell Pavilion
    After years of construction, the Kimbell Art Musem will open its new building to the public on November 27. Designed by architect Renzo Piano it triples the gallery space for the museum's permanent collection.
    (Published Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2013)

    Perhaps the most important part of his new building is how it leads people to the original one through the correct and intended entry point on the western side, Piano said.

    Admission to see the Kimbell's collection is free.