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Kidd's Kids Takes Record 61 Children to Disney



    Kidd's Kids Depart Dallas for Disney World

    In its 20th annual trip to Disney World, Kidd's Kids departed Dallas with a record 61 chronically or terminally ill children on board. (Published Thursday, Nov. 20, 2014)

    For the second time in two decades, the Kidd's Kids charity left North Texas for its annual trip to Disney World without its founder, Kidd Kraddick.

    Kraddick died suddenly in July 2013. The charity he started to take chronically or terminally ill children to the Florida theme park has vowed to keep his legacy going.

    "We've had a year to kind of adjust since my dad has been gone, so we are slowly trying to find our own groove," said Kidd's daughter Caroline Cradick. "I think clearly the families are having a great time, so that's what we care about."

    Last year 54 children made the all-expenses-paid trip, this year a record 61 walked the purple carpet and boarded a Southwest Airlines plane at Love Field.

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    "We do a line where we annouce the kids and everyone claps for them as they get on the plane, so it makes them feel special, like they are the only kids going," said Cradick. "Then we get on the plane, we get there and it's full speed ahead after that.

    During last month's Kidd's Kids Day fundraiser, listerners of the show donated $416,000 to pay for the five days of fun.

    Families involved say they are grateful.

    "I'm must thankful there are people willing to donate to allow us to do things like this," said father Tony Jurkash.

    This is the 20th Kidd's Kids trip.

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