10 Choctaw Country Adventures Perfect For Fall - NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

While a visit to Choctaw Country is always in season, there’s no substitute for visiting in autumn. When fall rolls around locals across Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas travel far and wide to soak in the scenery of Choctaw Country, and for good reason. Under clear, blue skies, the vibrant golds, oranges, and reds of the fall foliage pop with a magnificence you won’t find anywhere else in the region. This picturesque corner of Oklahoma is full of quaint small towns, natural wonders, and undeniable side-stops. By all accounts, it’s a road tripper’s paradise. Here’s your guide to the perfect fall getaway in Choctaw Country.

2. Travel On Two Wheels

Talimena’s twists and turns are best enjoyed with the wind in your hair. Motorcycles and bicycles are common on the drive, and make for an especially thrilling trip. On a cool fall day, find a friend with two wheels and convince them to take you for a ride, or roll the windows down and soak in crisp mountain air as you climb through the Ouachita mountains. As you make your way, keep an eye out for early snow on the peaks and bald eagles overhead.

6. Search for Bigfoot

For an urban legend you won’t find anywhere else, plan a trip to the annual Bigfoot Festival in Honobia. Rumor has it Sasquatch himself even drops by for the festivities. He’s also been known to hide out around Broken Bow from time to time.

10. Full of Hidden Gems

With annual festivals, shopping and dining, wineries, casinos, and plenty of places to relax, Choctaw Country is full of hidden gems. And with its convenient location between Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas, you can get to the getaway faster. Plus, with all the scenic views, getting there is half the fun.