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"Survivor" Stupidly Votes Himself Out of the Game



    "Survivor" Stupidly Votes Himself Out of the Game
    Tyson managed to find a way to vote himself off "Survivor."

    "Oh man, I have nobody to blame but myself. I was the victim of my own stupidity," Tyson said after voting himself off of "Survivor" in one of the most shockingly stupid Tribal Council moves ever.

    That happened as part of a special Wednesday edition of "Survivor," bumped by March Madness. But it was also special because there was one challenge and two Tribal Councils. The strategy was pretty clearly laid out, so it seemed like there would be few surprises at Tribal. Wrong!

    It's impossible to vote for yourself on "Survivor," but Tyson effectively managed to do it. His alliance planned to split its vote between Russell and Parvati in case Russell played a hidden immunity idol. Tyson wanted to make sure Parvati went home, so he voted for her instead, leading to a 4-3 vote. The remaining three people voted for Tyson, which would have forced a tie vote.

    Russell played the hidden immunity idol, but gave it to Parvati after babbling something to Coach about honor and integrity. That meant Russell and Tyson would have each had three votes. But Tyson's changed vote meant there were three votes against him and only two against Russell. Oops!

    "I'm still pretty awesome," Tyson said in his exit confessional, but he sure is not — especially because it's his fault Russell is still in the game.

    After this drama, the Heroes tribe finally did the right thing and dumped James, whose injury made him a liability — even though they kept him last week and got rid of Tom. Colby was resigned to going home next, and James argued that he should be gone. He lamented that Colby had given up, saying, "It's very disappointing to see a grown man give up like that." James also said that because he'd admired Colby, "It's like my Superman sucks."

    But the Heroes saved Colby. "I'm going to be good and drunk in the next five minutes," James said as he hobbled down the stairs after J.T. said, "Have a shot for us."

    James actually beat Colby and did well during the combined reward/immunity challenge, but trying to prove how OK he was during a "Hero Olympics," he failed to beat JT in a race, even though JT ran backward.


    James' ally Amanda did her best to keep him around, even telling him he had to stop stealing bananas, which he'd apparently been doing but tried to deny. "Can you run? You're going to have to show everyone. I'm serious. And you can't steal any more bananas when you come into camp," she said.

    The combined challenge left Candice and Rob with the first individual immunity necklaces of "Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains," and Rob then beat her in a one-against-one version of the challenge for reward. That gave the Villains yet another victory, and also the privilege of listening in on the Heroes’ Tribal Council while the Villains ate hot dogs and drank soda.

    When their feast began, it started to rain, but since Tyson had already rained on the dominant alliance's plans to get rid of annoying Russell, that's the least of their problems.

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