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Where Paula Abdul Should Send her Resume

Gone from "American Idol," the space cadet shouldn't give up on TV



    Where Paula Abdul Should Send her Resume
    Paula Abdul might be gone from "American Idol," but she can still have a career on the small screen.

    Now that Paula quit or was forced out of Idol she's going to be looking for some new source of income. Since her short-lived reality series Hey Paula wasn't exactly riveting, putting her on a candid reality show doesn't seem like a good idea. Instead we've found some current competitive reality shows (and one drama) that may want to consider welcoming Paula with open arms.

    Dancing With the Stars
    She'd be a ringer with her choreography background, but it would be better than watching old C-listers dodder around aimlessly. She'd up the competition factor and really bring in some fancy footwork. Maybe MC Scat Kat could be her partner, since we're sure he's available. Plus, the backstage interviews between her and host Samantha Harris would be the most non-linear conversations to ever air on television. The blogosphere would be in heaven.

    Charm School
    They tried Sharon Osbourne, and they've had Ricki Lake, but what these trashy reality show rejects really need is a little bit of tenderness instead of harsh judgment for their drunken/bitchy ways. Paula would be a great mentor for the likes of Bay Bay Bay, Ashley and So Hood with her overly kind comments and supportive ways. And Bubbles? She's like Paula's long lost little sister, so they'd get along famously.

    So You Think You Can Dance
    They've got some strange guest judges on that show (Toni Basil ranting about street dancing, for instance) so she'd fit right in. Paula and Mary Murphy would be like two peas in a pod, the hot tamale train would be leaving the station every two minutes and we're guessing that with Paula's actual background in choreography, she'd probably be more qualified to judge dance steps than she ever really was for singing.

    Big Brother
    We love the Chenbot, but she's pregnant and may want to take it easy before she has her baby. So while the fashion-challenged robo-host is out on maternity leave, let Paula take the reins. She's already got the odd wardrobe and tendency to say the same exact thing every week, so she's halfway there as it is.

    Desperate Housewives
    We don't want to test Paula's acting skills (or lack thereof) too much, but putting her on as a crazy neighbor on this show wouldn't be too much of a stretch. All she'd have to do is be herself and just ramble on whenever she has scenes with Lynette or Bree around the neighborhood, and all the ladies could discuss what that wacky lady who moved into Edie's house was up to now.

    Dance Your Ass Off
    The judges on this show are terrible, so Paula could easily replace them... though she might have a tendency to give everyone a perfect score because they put in a lot of effort. Instead, what this show is in desperate need of is a choreographer who could give the curvy dancers some sexy moves instead of letting their dance partners do all their moves. Or she could host, it would make more sense to have a thin person host this show, sort of as an inspirational thing for the overweight dancers. Clearly, this show needs a lot of help and could benefit in a whole host of ways from Paula's unique spirit.

    The Cougar
    If they are casting for an older woman on the prowl for a younger guy, why not make the next edition a celebrity version? Paula could find herself a charming boy to treat her well and not hassle her all the time like Simon did. It could be like Rock of Love, but way less skanky. We're going to refrain from making any comments about her rumored relationship with Corey Clark, and how she's already shown that she likes younger fellas. Whoops, sorry!

    American Idol
    We're still holding out hope that the producers will come to their senses and throw some money at her to get her to come back (and get rid of lame Kara in the process). While Paula's incoherent and way too nice, the show won't be the same without her.

    Your thoughts on Paula's next career move? Leave them below.

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