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Spector Produces Wife's Album From Behind Bars

He's serving a sentence of 19 years to life in prison for the death of actress Lana Clarkson



    Spector Produces Wife's Album From Behind Bars
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    Rachelle Spector's first album is described as "upbeat, mainstream adult pop, with hints of R&B, rock and dance." It was produced by a man in one of the least upbeat places around -- Corcoran State Prison.

    Her husband, Phil Spector, produced and arranged the record. He is serving a prison sentence of 19 years to life for the shooting death of actress Lana Clarkson.

    The man known for the "Wall of Sound" technique said of his wife, "I trusted her with my life and songs and production. She's fantastic on this album," according to a news release.

    Spector, 70, and Rachelle married in September 2006. The 10-song album "Out of My Chelle" will be available online June 8 and in stores on July 20.

    The couple met at LA's Dan Tana's in 2003 after she moved to LA to pursue a singing career, according to her website. She was 23 and said she did not know of Spector's connection to Clarkson's death. 

    On her website, Rachelle Spector said her song "Here in My Heart" describes the couple's relationship:

    "It has special meaning for me. Like the lyric says, 'No matter where you are, you’re here in my heart.' For the time being, of course, Philip is actually far away. But he's still the shining light in my life, and I can always feel him here with me."

    Clarkson was shot and killed Feb. 3,  2003, at the producer's Alhambra  mansion.

    During his first trial for the shooting death of Clarkson, the jury hung 10-2 in favor of conviction. In a retrial in 2009, he was convicted and sentenced to prison.