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Need a Last-Minute Gift? Try a Home Appliance

Consumer Reports suggests air fryers, coffee makers, chef's knives

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We're down to the last days of shopping before Christmas arrives. And, if you're still wondering what to get, how about a home appliance?

On the surface, that may not sound like a winner, but the nonprofit Consumer Reports tests thousands of products and believes, its top three will be Santa-approved.


"Air fryers have been very popular even before the pandemic but the pandemic boosted them as a home appliance that delivers great tasting meals, little to no oils and very quick turn around," said Tanya Christian, a home and appliances reporter at Consumer Reports. "We have a Gourmia 6 quart air fryer that is our top-rated and it's only $54 at Walmart. So people will be happy if they get this."


"The Ninja 10-cup coffee maker is an amazing gift for someone who loves coffee because it's not just a simple coffee maker," Christian said. "You can froth milk, do macchiatos, iced lattes. So we really liked that idea. It's $140, a little bit of a splurge."


"The Henckels premium 8-inch chef knife is good for a chef, but if you're a home chef like me who's been doing virtual cooking classes for the last year and a half, this is a good idea. It takes chopping from easy to effortless. So, it's a great gift," Christian said.

And for anyone worried about delivery time, Consumer Reports recommends shop local and support small businesses.

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