Here Comes Santa Claus — On a Firetruck

The city of Murphy continues its annual tradition of trekking Santa around town on a firetruck

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Everyone is trying to get creative to celebrate the holidays safely.

One North Texas town has a unique way to bring the holidays home.

Every year in the city of Murphy, Santa suits up then loads up on top of a firetruck for a ‘sleigh’ ride through town.

With light and sirens blazing, Santa makes the slow-rolling trek down every street in the city.

“Once we tell them we hear the firetruck, they know it’s time to come out here and get ready,” said Wilson Pierce, a father of four.

Pierce, and many families, gather on curbs to watch Santa pass by. It’s become an annual tradition.

Murphy Fire Chief Del Albright said the tradition began more than a decade ago.

The process takes more than a week to complete.

You can track Santa's trip online.

“The whole story behind it is years ago, when this community was still growing pretty fast, they wanted to make sure Santa knew all the streets, all the houses, and where all the kids were at,” Albright said.

Albright said it was more important than ever to continue the tradition during a trying year.

Santa's trek has changed slightly because of the pandemic.

Family members of firefighters and city leaders are not allowed to ride along, and Albright said he hopes to resume the tradition of tossing candy out to kids next year.

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