Fried Food Restaurant Opens Doors, Giving Up Name Amid Trademark Suit

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Four months into a legal battle over a famous Texas name, Fletch, a restaurant specializing in fried foods has opened its doors.

Jace Fletcher Christensen, the granddaughter of the late head of the Fletcher’s corny dog dynasty, came up with the concept along with her mom to be “purveyors of fine stick food.”

The mother-daughter duo started with kids’ birthday parties before moving on to larger events at places like AT&T Stadium and Texas Motor Speedway.

They were planning to open their brick and mortar location when they were hit with a lawsuit from Fletcher’s, alleging "willful trademark infringement and unfair competition."

But Tuesday, the shop quietly opened rebranded as “No Name.” Jace says they’ll allow customers to come up with a more permanent solution through a survey she plans to keep open for a couple of weeks.

An attorney for Fletcher’s released a statement Wednesday saying the move comes a day after a court orally granted his client’s motion to prohibit the mother-daughter duo from using “Fletch.”  

It read in part, “Fletcher’s is very pleased with the news the court has ruled in favor of Fletcher’s and against Jace Christensen, Vickie Fletcher, and their company. Once Fletcher’s receives the court’s written opinion, we will be happy to provide further comments. In the meantime, I would caution people not to draw conclusions based on inaccurate or incomplete information.”

“No Name” will fully open with regular hours beginning Thursday.

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